Dermal Fillers – A New Age Professional Beauty Product

AUKO Beauty Professional Company believes in making people feel their best. We provide the best professional beauty products to cosmetologists and skin specialists who help people achieve their desired appearance. We understand that aging signs affect the person physically and hamper them psychologically. For this, we try our best to equip skin specialists and cosmetologists with the most effective professional beauty products.

Redermaneurolifting – a solution to the problems of thin skin

 A special place in injection cosmetology is occupied by operations with thin skin around the eyes, on the forehead, neck and in the neckline. The usual techniques here are botulinotherapy and biorevitalization. Optimal way is to combine them into one method called “Redermaneirolifting.” Thin skin in 90% of cases covers the same delicate tissues (muscles, subcutaneous fat, the latter may be practically absent). Weak muscles require no less delicate work in terms of botulinotherapy, like […]

Innotox: Liquid Botulinum Toxin that changes the game

In 2013 Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) for the first time approved liquid injectable form of Botulinum Toxin Type A entitled Innotox. The drug itself is a ready-to-use sterile liquid with concentration of 4U/0.1ml. Due to the improved consistency of Innotox, there is no need in mixing botox with saline as before and, therefore, the risks of innacurate dosing or ingress of bacteria are excluded. If the drug is stored according to the rules […]