Automatic Injector Meso Gun how to use

What is Meso Filler gun? MESO FILLER is an automatic gun which injects meso cocktails directly into the skin dermis. It will help you to improve your work speed It charges simply and can be used with a built-in battery adapter. All needles are compatible. All of injection solution fluid can be used. Vacuum suction […]

What’s the difference with Western fillers and why choose Korean fillers ?

While Western skincare focuses on anti-aging , Korean beauty all about having a dialogue with your skin – listening to the skin to have more a holistic approach, aiming for natural looking results. Korean beauty has seen massive rise in the last 5 years. They are always ahead with research and innovation to deliver visible […]

Which lip fillers last longer?

With age, we naturally lost collagen and fat in our face, including the lips. That can look like sagginess and thinness of our face and lips. Lip fillers work by replacing that lost collagen and fat. The most common purposes for lip filler injections are:  Plumping and adding volume to the lips Contouring “lipstick lines” […]

Why choose biorevitalisation with Mesoheal + ?

Why choose biorevitalisation with Mesoheal + ? As weage and expose our skin with UV rays, pollution ect. we loose natural moisture called hyaluronic acid which causes visible wrinkles, skin dehydration, losing solidity and elasticity of our skin. Injection techniques that infiltrate small does of Hyaluronic acid into the deep surface of the skin, improving […]