Yes, we use ice bags when delivering botulinum toxins. It keeps cool temperature for around 4 days to ensure all the products are effective and safe.

We recommend to use:

These products are the best for derma dehydration, age-related skin changes and distinct mimic wrinkles.

We don't work with PayPal anymore.

You can transfer your payment through TransferWise.

  1. Register your account on TransferWise
  2. Make a transaction using our bank details which will be sent to your email.
  3. Please place your order number so We can easily find it in our system.

Once your order is shipped you will receive email with your tracking number.

We ship our parcels with DHL carrier company. You will receive clear information where your parcel is located and when delivery will be attempted.

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Yes we do. Shipping takes 4-7 business days with DHL

Please use this form for taking payments manually on behalf of our payment system which is totally secure by Square. Send us a filled in form Card Authorization and a screenshot of your order.
Otherwise, contact us directly on WhatsApp +61404982283 (Australia)


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