How to pay with cryptocurrency on the website?

Auko team is here to help.
New   payment system is available – Cryptocurrency. Yasy, convenient, reliable!
We would recommend to use Binance or Coinbase wallets.

How to Set Up a Binance Pay Account?

  1. Register a Binance account. You need to register a Binance account and download the Binance App to receive crypto payments.
  2. Complete Identity Verification.
    We highly recommend to do it from your phone as taking your photo ID will be clear and recognized by the Binance security.Please refer to How to complete Identity Verification. 
  3. Activate Binance Pay. You are all set.

You can register here before proceeding to set up your Binance Pay feature.

How is the payment made?

  1. Choose the product on our website and add it into the basket.
  2. In the Card/Basket, choose a payment method- Cryptocurrency and pay for your order by scanning QR code.

You can find QR code on the right top of your Binance account


We will receive your cryptocurrency payment shortly.

How to register on the crypto exchange?

You can register here before proceeding to set up your Binance Pay feature.

Please use Binance or Coinbase Support if you have any questions regarding your Crypto account.

For example, a crypto exchange will be used . You have the right to use any other crypto exchange. Go to the crypto exchange website and click the “Register” button. Next, go through easy registration and account verification. According to the experience of our team, verification is easier to pass from a smartphone app. You can download them here.

Buying cryptocurrency

And so, by this stage you should have already registered and passed verification.

Next, on the binance website, we select the tab “Buy Cryptocurrency → Credit/Debit card” or click here.

Then we enter the required number of cryptocurrencies, which we learned from Step 2. (We recommend adding 2-3% to this amount, since the transaction fee will be charged when paying, which we cannot influence in any way). There is a transfer method without commission, which will be discussed below. Click “Continue” and link your card.


Sending cryptocurrency and paying for the order

At the moment, we have a cryptocurrency in our wallet, which we purchased in Step 4. To log into your wallet, you need to select “Wallet” and “Fiat and Spot” at the top of the binance website, or click here
You are provided with a list of cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency you bought will be at the top of the list. To SEND cryptocurrencies to our crypto wallet, you need to click the “Withdraw” button


Great, we’re almost done. Back to our website and we complete the order by clicking the “Place Order” button.
In the window that opens to you, the payment address of our company’s cryptocurrency wallet is indicated, where you need to send the final cost.

Make sure that the amount we receive (including commission) is equal to the cost indicated on our website!

Make sure that the “Network” item matches our payment address parameters. (All parameters are at the end of the page in the “Address and network of cryptocurrencies” block.)

Example of filling:

With any other crypto wallets, the actions are similar. You just need to send the cryptocurrency to our crypto wallet at the address that will be provided to you after placing the order. Carefully indicate the final cost, taking into account the percentage of transactions from your wallets!

How to pay without commission? (Only for binance users!)

The Binance website provides its users with the opportunity to make transfers within its exchange without commissions for some cryptocurrencies through the Binance Pay service.

First you need to complete Step 1-Step 4 from the previous paragraph. Next, you need to go to the service “Finance → Binance Pay” or click here.

You can send some currency using our contact details:

Pay ID 430053992
Nickname AukoProf
The currency that you can send to us via the Binance Pay service:
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH
  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Dash DASH
  • Dogecoin DOGE
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Groestlcoin
  • GRS
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Monero XMR
  • Neo NEO
  • Polygon Network MATIC
  • Tether(Tron) USDT-TRON
  • Tron TRX
  • USD Coin USDC
  • VeChain VET
  • Verge XVG
  • Zcash ZEC

The total cost is indicated in accordance with the cost in your order. The commission will not be withdrawn.

Please indicate your order number in the “Note” item before shipping!

Example of placing an order:

Is this method safe?

The Binance service is a reliable crypto exchange, with which we have already had experience. Transfers here are as fast and reliable as possible. In case of disputed points: you have issued a refund, the goods were returned by customs officers and other possible reasons, you can easily send the same cryptocurrency to your account in the same volume that we received from you (!). Next, you can exchange it for a currency that is convenient for you and return it to your card.

Address and network of cryptocurrencies


Network: ALGO Algorand

Address: 0xdbf9e13c970f6ee5e25f11fc0a396e1e2565c2fa

Network: AVAXC Avax C-Chain

Address: 1HPtsbLCumKWEg1euwMzpicejPMwK3jnb8

Network: BCH Bitcoin Cash

Address: 1HPtsbLCumKWEg1euwMzpicejPMwK3jnb8

Network: BTC Bitcoin

Address: XoKqBJ5LNUQTeXv3WgfKTFMPaZh7cuwjEV

Network: DASH Dash

Address: DshTMfRRQAiFbuk53chiYbf7hzDsPTmokdS

Network: DCR Decred

Address: D7BqgEwzGPA6y93SDBeekuKLotRuWYLdsv

Network: DGB DigiByte

Address: DE3nNHeidTBoAYDx6G4qqCJwR6GFuehQhZ

Network: DOGE dogecoin

Address: 0xdbf9e13c970f6ee5e25f11fc0a396e1e2565c2fa

Network: ETH Ethereum (ERC20)

Address: 0xdbf9e13c970f6ee5e25f11fc0a396e1e2565c2fa

Network: FTM Fantom

Address: grs1q0k0hxtuse7klaha2c9sct5k6z5aa5y757kcyx0

Network: GRS Groestlcoin

Address: LUqc9Cz6ojjknKz8XyQhp4HXKWk2qBJduD

Network: LTC Litecoin

Address: 86WCJZM94MrCEEw16RrSDsVCBvQjmMnEyTpMiaUnyzsaFhqx8xWpGX1KN7zjTVqHuqSfzE3GuhyiGffZLW3YiiVtMnWtRzB

Network: XMR Monero

Address: Ac5dDxjiAkydgzhVjLfThWDB381AdEfunY

Network: NEO Neo Legacy

Address: 0xdbf9e13c970f6ee5e25f11fc0a396e1e2565c2fa

Network: MATIC Polygon


Network: LUNA Terra

MEMO: 108073065

Address: TCCzeey9u7ncdxkiC7tk2XYVXYZsUuVho4

Network: TRX Tron (TRC20)

Address: TCCzeey9u7ncdxkiC7tk2XYVXYZsUuVho4

Network: TRX Tron(TRC20)

Address: 0xdbf9e13c970f6ee5e25f11fc0a396e1e2565c2fa

Network: ETH Ethereum(ERC20)

Address: 0xdbf9e13c970f6ee5e25f11fc0a396e1e2565c2fa

Network: BSC BNB Smart Chain(BEP20)

Address: D62NYRC6gEXLMcy1nkkTUvuERAcCuLV5vT

Network: XVG Verge

Address: 3PEB5zq9zDQf4t4DCdWP1hwRZde1u1wiDDj

Network: WAVES Waves

Address: t1St4Gse3j9xKTBjtWCraNQqZvPsAk3ZDjZ

Network: ZEC Zcash