Redermaneurolifting – a solution to the problems of thin skin

Redermaneurolifting – a solution to the problems of thin skin

 A special place in injection cosmetology is occupied by operations with thin skin around the eyes, on the forehead, neck and in the neckline. The usual techniques here are botulinotherapy and biorevitalization. Optimal way is to combine them into one method called “Redermaneirolifting.”

Thin skin in 90% of cases covers the same delicate tissues (muscles, subcutaneous fat, the latter may be practically absent). Weak muscles require no less delicate work in terms of botulinotherapy, like thin skin – regarding the work of a biorevitalizer.

Materials and Methods

Redermaneurolifting is a method of rejuvenating thin skin areas. It consists in mixing botulinum toxin and biorevitalant based on hyaluronic acid in one syringe. The zones are worked out by diffuse-micropapular method, and the largest wrinkles are treated with additional introduction of the solution into their bottom.

During redermaneurolifting, several mechanisms of skin aging are worked on simultaneously: botulinum toxin relaxes myofibrils of the muscular layer of the skin, hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, tones it up and has an antiinflammatory effect, which is very important for suppressing aseptic inflammation processes in photoaging.

Depending on the specific problem (dyschromia, cooperosis, postacne, etc.), we choose various biologics with certain components and significantly expand the range of tasks implemented within the framework of redermaneurolifting. The universal base – botululotoxin and unstabilized hyaluronic acid – opens up wide horizons for application. By supplementing this base with amino acids, peptides, succinic acid, collagen, we get a real “magic wand.”

Photo of the patient before the procedure

Preparing for the procedure

Before the procedure, we evaluate the skin condition and determine problem areas.

Next, we carry out markup for the upcoming procedure according to the existing problem.

We recruit the necessary amount of botulinum toxin into the insulin syringe,  then we prepare a biorevitalant. Using a special adapter, we carefully mix them in one syringe.

Protocol of Procedure

  1. Demakiage, treatment of skin with antiseptic solution.
  2. Application of application anesthesia.
  3. Markup for procedure.
  4. Calculation of the dose of botulinum toxin and biorevitalant based on the specific injection zone and type of product. An approximate calculation of the doses of botulinum toxin and biorevitalant is given below:
    -when treating a forehead and a zone between brows use mix of 30 U of 500unit toxin or 20 U of 100-unit toxin and 1 ml of unstabilized hyaluronic acid,
    – when treating the eye area per zone, a mixture of 15 U of 500-unit toxin or 8 U 100-unit toxin and 0.5 ml of unstabilized hyaluronic acid is used,
    -when treating the neck zone use mix of 30 U of 500-unit toxin or 20 U of 100unit toxin and 1.5 ml of unstabilized hyaluronic acid,
    -when treating the neckline use a mixture of 50 U 500-unit toxin or 30 U 100unit toxin and 2 ml of unstabilized hyaluronic acid.
  5. Injections according to the marking: first – diffuse-papular injection intradermally, then we work on large wrinkles in detail, injecting into the bottom of the wrinkle intradermally until the skin whitens.

6. Treatment of skin with antiseptic solution. The interval between the redermaneurolifting procedures is from two to six months – it is calculated individually.

Advantages of redermaneurolifting: single procedure, naturalness of result, multidirectionality of action and excellent compatibility with other cosmetological procedures.


Redermaneurolifting can be recommended to:

  • young patients with initial signs of age-related changes,
  • patients with dermatological diseases to whom rehabilitation is prescribed(early postacne, rosacea, seborrhea, alopecia),
  • age-related patients with drastically reduced muscle tone, for whom classic doses of botulonotoxin are unacceptable,
  • those who cannot afford a full course of procedures or only get acquainted with aesthetic cosmetology.
Photo of the patient after the procedure

Dr. Anastasia Mashkina
dermatovenerologist, beauty therapist, Moscow

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