Which lip fillers last longer?

Which lip fillers last longer?

With age, we naturally lost collagen and fat in our face, including the lips. That can look like sagginess and thinness of our face and lips. Lip fillers work by replacing that lost collagen and fat.

The most common purposes for lip filler injections are: 

  • Plumping and adding volume to the lips
  • Contouring “lipstick lines” above the lips
  • Helping the lips to look more symmetrical
  • “Russian lips” more natural look lip-lifting effect

Which fillers are the best and long lasting?


  • Crystal fillers have been created by using NASHA technology it is a process of purifying Hyaluronic acid without any animal-sourced material, ensuring the risk of impurities are almost to none.
  • Works over time by stimulating the natural production of collagen
  • Contain lidocaine to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • High safety due to low concentrations of the residual cross-linking agent
  • No migration and no lumps due to highly elastic formula

How do they work?

Crystal Lite

Its Intradermal (superficial to mid dermis) filler and the most delicate in the Crystal Line. Mostly used for contouring lips . It eliminates irregularities of the skin and correcting small wrinkles (1,2 degrees). This fillers is lasts 6-12 month , depending on method and the patient’s features.

Crystal Deep

Same as the first one is it Its Intradermal (superficial to mid dermis) filler. Corrects esthetic defects and restores volume in the soft tissue. Lasts 9-12 month , depending on injection method and the patient’s features.

This are the most popular injectable lip fillers in our practice. They all considered effective, safe and are used for similar purposes.

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